Hi all! It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down and September is already here. It’s even harder for us at Spitfire to believe that we’ve reached such a milestone in the magazine’s journey. Today, September 1, was scheduled to be the publication date of our very first issue. However, it’s probably clear that the issue isn’t up yet! We have, unfortunately, run into some problems and we’ve had to reschedule. They’re nothing serious—we’re just working the kinks out of the first issue—but we want to make sure everything is in perfect shape before we release Spitfire to the world!

While it’s sad the September issue can’t be out now, we firmly believe that this decision is for the best. It cannot be emphasized enough that this is not a cancellation—we’re just postponing. Expect a release in mid-September, and check back frequently for more updates. (And if you were hoping to submit work for our next issue, you should wait until the September publication to do so.)

Until then, stay in touch with us! As always, you can find us on a variety of social media. You should reach out if you have any cool recommendations or questions about the magazine or great life advice or anything else you think we need to hear!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We’ll be in touch again very soon!


With enthusiasm, the Editor-in-Chief.

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