September 2018

December 2018


Welcome to Spitfire Literary Magazine! Spitfire is a new literary magazine that is published online on a quarterly basis. Its second issue is officially live! You can view it here.

Spitfire is focused on publishing prose submissions with strong, clear voices. All writers are encouraged to submit, especially young authors. Generally, if you’ve got work that’s witty, bold, sincere, powerful, moving—work that has something to say and is determined to spit it out—that’s work that has a home at Spitfire. Our submissions box has officially re-opened for the March 2019 issue, so if you like what you see, learn how to submit your work here.

(Read more about who we are and what we stand for here.)

You can find updates on the submissions cycle from the editor-in-chief at the blog. There, you’ll also find the staff’s recent picks and shared thoughts on the magazine.

Welcome again. Take some time to revel in the power in the pages of this magazine.